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Share your skills, your laughter, your curiosity and your heart. Volunteers in the Peru program will primarily be based in the ancient city of Cusco, but may also participate in projects in the Sacred Valley and the Pervian Amazon. You'll live with a local host family and have time to visit the legendary site of Machu Picchu and other historical landmarks.

I know it's been a while since our trip to Peru, but I wanted to let you know that we had an AMAZING experience, and I wanted to thank you for all the help you offered me and my mother throughout our volunteer experience. Thanks again for all of yalls help, and we look forward to working with GVN again in the future.

Megan | Peru Volunteer


My host family is very humble, modest, gentle people. In the evenings we sit around the dinner table and share our daily experiences, some of us working with the children in an orphanage, in a day care centre, in construction (building garden sheds in the orphanages), teaching English to children and young adults, nurses students assisting in medical centre or hospital.

Anna | Peru Volunteer


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Our projects are located in and around Cusco, a city in south-eastern Peru near the Sacred Valley of the Andes mountain range. Cusco is at an altitude of around 3,500m (11,500 ft). Depending on your project choice, you will live in a homestay-type situation in a Peruvian home, with electricity, running water, and a western-style toilet. Conditions in the Andean Cultural Immersion project and Jungle project will be more rustic.

GVN Projects: Only $250 application fee + $495 per week (for the first four weeks of placement), and $200 per week after this. This includes accommodation, meals (as specified below), coordination, supervision, training, airport pick up and it is due at least 10 weeks prior to your arrival.



Are you able to give hugs, wipe away tears and smile and laugh until it hurts? Do you want to help give hope to some of the world's most impoverished children? Join up with one of our childcare placements and provide children with love and attention, where volunteers assist the children with their homework, organise educational activities and help take care of their basic needs. There are many different childcare placements available in Cusco, including working at orphanages, homes for abused children, daycares for babies, community centres, and at shelters. There is also the possibility to work at a program for kids with disabilities. If you have an area which you are particularly interested in please let us know, and will try to find the perfect place for you.

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Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year

Do you want to create some truly lasting memories this Xmas? This weeklong adventure will invite you into the hearts of the Peruvian people and allow you the chance to bring smiles and laughter to underprivileged children and adults in Cusco, Peru. The Xmas project, starting on December 22, will focus on children's programs and will also involve volunteers in a medical campaign for rural residents. The second tour over the New Year, starting Dec 29, will also offer opportunities in a variety of volunteer projects where you will be warmly welcomed. Do one or do both, but Xmas will never feel the same again.

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Conservation Jungle

Conservation Jungle

Do you crave the wild places? Are you passionate about conservation? With two Amazon locations available, volunteers may assist in orchid planting, bamboo removal, research projects, teaching at the local school, helping maintain trails and creating an inventory of species. A wide variety of ongoing projects means that there is always something interesting going on. Please note that Jungle volunteers will not be able to take part in Spanish lessons during their time in the jungle. However, we can arrange for Spanish lessons before or after your project, though this may include additional costs for housing.

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Teaching English

Teaching English

Hablas Inglés? (Do you speak English?) There are few more valuable skills in this increasingly globalised world than to be able to connect and communicate with visitors to your region. With your help, more and more residents of Cusco will be able to access the opportunities and advantages that speaking English brings. At our Teaching English placements, volunteers assist the full time teacher with speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar, and vocabulary lessons. Volunteers may also be asked to help with specific learners in terms of their pronunciation and for one-on-one tutoring. It's also a great way to improve your Espanol and enable both you and your students to share stories, jokes and life histories.

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Healthcare Clinic

Healthcare Clinic

Are you medically trained or currently in training? Prepared to share your skills and knowledge? Do you feel inspired to help the most vulnerable Peruvians stay healthy? In our Healthcare Clinic program, volunteers will work at a clinic for impoverished families in Cusco. This project is for med students or currently qualified nurses or doctors. Volunteers for these projects require at least intermediate Spanish as the staff they will work with have limited English. Notarized documentation of your medical school, nursing school, or other medical credentials will be required.

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Are you handy with a hammer? Skilled with a screwdriver? A dab hand at painting? Then sign up to help build a better future for our Peruvian friends. At our construction projects, volunteers assist with construction and/or renovation - usually at a childcare project. Tasks on the construction program may include: renovation, labouring, painting, decorating, and carpentry. Volunteers will assist with cement mixing, sand sifting, cutting wood, and transporting building materials. The building projects are to help the community improve their schools and community centres. Be prepared to be patient and flexible, and to leave a tangible legacy of your efforts.

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Andean Cultural Immersion

Andean Cultural Immersion

Do you love the simple life? Are you searching for a deeper cultural experience? At the Andean project, volunteers will live with a host family in the mountains of the Sacred Valley. You will assist the family with their agriculture and textiles practices. You will live like they do, eat what they eat, and be exposed to centuries-old traditional life-styles. You will also provide some educational opportunities to members of the local community; for example teaching English or reading and writing skills. Please note that due to the remote location of this program, volunteers in the cultural immersion program will not be able to take part in Spanish lessons during their project. However, we can arrange for Spanish lessons before or after your project, though this may include additional costs for housing.

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Peru Application Form


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Why GVN?


Our vision is to connect people with communities in need, with a particular focus on vulnerable women and children. We do this by supporting the work of local community organizations in countries through the placement of international volunteers.

We are excited to get your placement under way where you will:

  • Be a part of GVN's efforts to inspire learning, innovation and action to unlock the potential of vulnerable communities around the world. Work with exceptional grassroots projects in community development, conservation and wildlife, personal development, fundraising and physical challenges.
  • Have the 24/7 support of a non profit with 14 years experience in placing 20160 volunteers that will provide you with an affordable and rewarding placement.
  • Volunteer with a world-class organization which is recommended by Bill Gates and CNN.
  • Be a part of progressive non profit that has raised over $2 million to help women and children in need.
  • Have the comfort of knowing that GVN staff have collectively flown over 1 million miles to ensure you get a quality placement.
  • Make a long-term impact in your community of choice - it's not just a vacation.




How GVN works...


The first step is to fill out an application to see if we have a place for you. Then if your application is successful you will be accepted and we will then get to work organizing your placement.

GVN is a registered Charitable Trust, so volunteers finance themselves, or can fundraise online with our unique GVN platform, with US donors receiving tax receipts. The Program Package provides you with all that is listed below, along with personalized support from our expert staff and the knowledge that you'll be working with a reputable and registered charity with over 14 years experience in the field.

At the heart of our work is the communities our volunteers work to support - we ensure that these communities truly benefit from your time in Peru and that the Program Package fully supports you financially while you're volunteering.

Program Package

GVN Projects: Only $250 application fee + $495 per week (for the first four weeks of placement), and $200 per week after this. This includes accommodation, meals (as specified below), coordination, supervision, training, airport pick up and it is due at least 10 weeks prior to your arrival. due date.

The Program Package also includes a project donation, which supports the work the GVN Foundation does in addressing nutrition, education and healthcare needs, as well as supporting longer-term development approaches, including income generation activities and microfinance.

Your program package includes:


  • Personal support from your Program Specialist throughout the preparation process.
  • Your Program Guide, with all the details on Peru and your placement.
  • Fundraising strategies and access to our crowd funding platform where you can raise up to 100% of the cost your trip, with tax receipts for your US based donors.
  • Access to Your Own Online Journal: which helps you to communicate effectively and easily with your family and friends back home.
  • Opportunities for Preferred Pricing and Personalized Service when booking Airfares: through our travel partner GYT Flight Centre who go the extra mile to support GVN volunteers.


  • Accommodation: Home Stay
  • Meals: 2 meals daily (breakfast and dinner)
  • Project Donation: Included.
  • Airport pickup: On arrival date.
  • Training: In-country orientation and training.
  • Supervision: In-country staff supervision.
  • Support: Pre-departure personal support from your volunteer coordinator, 24/7 in-country support from partner, and 24hr emergency e-mail.
  • Extra: Spanish lessons (one week), weekly Salsa lessons, internet usage at our partner's headquarters, a monthly volunteer party, and a certificate of completion from our partner organisation.


  • An opportunity to debrief and provide feedback
  • Free access to GVN Changemakers program which alerts you to future internship/job opportunities at GVN.
  • A Letter of Completion in Volunteer Service.
  • The opportunity to stay connected with your project.
  • Global advocacy and fundraising campaigns to continue your part of the movement for social change with an international non-profit that has granted over $2 million to our partner organizations.

The program package does not include: Flights, insurance, visas, vaccinations, project transportation, departure from the program.

We recommend you allow a weekly budget of at least US $35 for your other expenses such as lunch, bottled water, personal items, beverages, transportation and entertainment.




Is there opportunity to take classes such as language or cultural activities while on the program?

All volunteers will receive two hours of group Spanish classes each day for the first week of their project. All the Spanish teachers are professional teachers - either certified in teaching Spanish as a foreign language or with a Masters in Education. Volunteers will also be provided with a course book. After their first week of classes, volunteers will switch to a Tandem Exchange Program, which involves being matched with a Peruvian who is studying English with our partner organisation. They will meet for one hour conversations practice each day. Volunteers may also opt to extend their Spanish classes for an extra charge. Please note that the Tandem Exchange Program is not available for volunteers on the Jungle or Andean projects and that volunteers at these placements will NOT be able to take part in Spanish lessons during their time in the jungle/remote village. However, we can arrange for Spanish lessons before or after your project, but this will include additional costs for housing.

What is the climate like in Peru?

Peru is divided up into three distinct geographical regions: the coast, the mountain highlands, and the jungle:

The Mountain Highlands (Cusco): Mid April - October is the dry season, with hot, dry days, and cold, dry nights, often hovering just above freezing, particularly in June and July. November - Mid April is the wet season with most rain in January and February. It's usually clear and dry most mornings with outbursts of heavy rain in the afternoons. The daily temperatures are typically mild with only a small drop at night.

The Coast (Arequipa): December - April is summertime on the coast where the weather is hot and dry. Temperatures on average range from 25 - 35°C. There is little or no rain during these months. May - November the temperature drops a bit and you'll find blankets of sea mist engulfing the coast from the south right up to about 200 km north of Lima.

The Jungle: April - October is the 'dry' season with daily temperatures averaging 30-35°C. However cold fronts from the South Atlantic are common when the temperatures can drop to 15°C during the day and to 13°C at night. November - March is the wet season, hot and humid, when you can expect heavy rain at anytime.

What hours am I expected to take part in the program?

The schedule for each project is different but most volunteers work for 3-4 hours either in the morning or the afternoon. The only project with unusual hours is the teaching English to street children project, which runs from 6:30pm - 9:30pm as this is when the children are not working. A typical schedule would be: 7:30am wake up and breakfast, 9:00am Spanish Lessons, 12:00pm lunch, 1:30pm take bus to project, 2:00-6:00pm work at project, 6:00pm return to accommodation, 7:00pm dinner.

What kind of volunteer work is available?

Childcare - including orphanages, community centers, daycares, and street children.
Teaching - local state schools in Cusco and the surrounding area, and Arequipa.
Construction Projects - in Cusco or the surrounding area, usually at a childcare project.
Healthcare - at a clinic which provides assistance to low income families.
Conservation/Wildlife - help at the Cusco zoo or at one of two Jungle Conservation programs in the Peruvian Amazon.
Cultural Immersion - live with a host family in the Sacred Valley and help with agriculture and textile practises.

Tell me more about Peru?

With an area of 1,285,215 square km, Peru is the third-largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina. Divided into 24 departments, Lima, situated on the coast, is the capital. Peru has a population of 27.million inhabitants and, as part of its rich cultural tradition, features many different languages. Although Spanish is commonly spoken across the country, Quechua is a major legacy of the Incan empire, and is still spoken with regional dialects in many parts of the country. Peru is a democratic republic - the president and members of Congress are elected every five years by universal suffrage. Religion plays a large role in Peruvian life, with almost 90% of inhabitants Roman Catholic.

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About Peru



Peru is a land of contrasts, where from one end to the other you will have quite different experiences, not only with regards to the environment and climate, but also with culture and food.

With an area of 1,285,215 square km, Peru is the third-largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina. Located in western South America, it is bordered on the north by Ecuador and Colombia, on the east by Brazil, on the southeast by Bolivia, on the south by Chile, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. The Andes mountain range runs parallel to the coast, dividing the country into three distinct geographic regions. The coastal region, to the west, is a narrow plain; the sierra is the mountainous region of the Andes; the selva (jungle) is the third region, a wide expanse of flat terrain covered by the Amazon rainforest that extends east, encompassing almost 60% of the country.

Development in Peru

In the 20th century Peru had been troubled by guerrilla groups, external debt, ever-growing inflation, a surge in drug trafficking and political violence.  The seemingly intractable problems of poverty and unemployment remain, with more that half of the population living below the poverty line.

Peru is rich in copper, silver, lead, zinc, oil and gold. Despite this, Peru's progress has been held back by corruption and the failure of successive governments to deal with social and economic inequality. 51.6% of its total population is defined as poor, including 19.2% that is extremely poor.

Volunteer Impact

Volunteers provide assistance to disadvantaged socio-economic groups within Peruvian communities, focusing primarily on orphaned children, animals, rural communities and school children.

As a volunteer in Peru you can provide love, affection, education and support to orphaned children.  You will help to improve education in schools ensuring children learn and flourish.  As a volunteer you can practice and teach preventative healthcare, and hygiene.   Depending on your interests you can also contribute to building projects in impoverished communities, or in animal/environmental conservation projects.  You will also provide education, inter-cultural exchange and understanding in Peruvian communities.

What else can I do in Peru?

Visitors to Peru will be delighted by the cultural sights and activities that are available.

Take on the challenge of hiking Machu Picchu (or catch the train!), take free salsa lessons and get some dance practice at one of the many happening bars, or take it easy posing for photos with local Llamas.  Shoppers will enjoy hitting the Pisac markets for traditional textiles and jewellery, while nature enthusiasts can take a cycle tour through the Sacred Valley.  And if all that’s not enough adrenaline for you there’s always bungee jumping!

Spanish Lessons and Tandem Exchange Program

For your first week you will take Spanish lessons provided by our partner. These are taught by professional teachers, either certified in teaching Spanish as a foreign language or with their Masters in Education, and you will have two hours of lessons per day, usually in the mornings, so that you spend the afternoons at your volunteer placement. Volunteers will also be provided with a Native Spanish Program book.

For the remainder of your stay you will take part in our partner's Tandem Exchange Program. This program pairs volunteers learning Spanish with a Peruvian student who is learning English at their headquarters in Cusco. This way you practise Spanish with your partner for one hour a day, as well as provide invaluable practice for the Peruvian student learning English. It's also a great way to get to know local students in Cusco. If you wish to extend your formal Spanish lessons beyond your first week, this can be arranged for an extra fee.

Please note that for the Andean Cultural Immersion and Conservation/Wildlife programs the Tandem Exchange Program is not available as for these programs volunteers are placed in the Sacred Valley.

Online Spanish Lessons

Global Volunteer Network has established a partnership with the Spanish school Instituto Exclusivo, which offers GVN volunteers a 5% discount off their online Spanish lessons. This is not like other courses which give you pages of web material or recordings of various phrases to repeat. You will speak to, and see your instructor as he/she is giving you a private lesson, tailored to your level of Spanish. Learn spanish before you go


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