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Articles: GVN volunteers in Cambodia and Rwanda

12:22pm 16 November 2009  
Filed under: Articles

Read articles about two ladies who will soon be GVN volunteers:

Fiona Whyte, from New Zealand, is soon setting off to volunteer with GVN in Cambodia - read her story here.

Shelley McGoff, from Canada, will volunteer with us in Rwanda in January, read her story here.


GVN Foundation - Philippines, Samoa, and Vietnam Fundraisers

12:42pm 9 October 2009  
Filed under: Articles, GVN Foundation, Grants, Philippines, Vietnam

The Asia Pacific Emergency Appeal has raised over $3,000 for the Philippines, over $2,000 for Samoa and over $1,000 for Vietnam. We will be posting further updates over the next few weeks on the total raised as well as the difference these funds are making. A huge thank you to all donors for their generous donations! If you haven’t yet donated please click here.

Shafaq Varghese, a current volunteer in the Philippines, has written an article about her experience in the wake of typhoon Ketsana: http://www.volunteer.org.nz/media/articles/ketsana.php.


Slumdog India

12:07pm 16 March 2009  
Filed under: Articles, GVN, India, News

Have you seen the 8x Academy Award winning movie of 2008: Slumdog Millionaire? If not, we recommend you go out and see this movie ASAP.

Erin Schneider has written an interesting article for Examiner.com titled “Will the Slumdog image hurt India’s tourism.”

You can check out the article here: http://www.examiner.com/x-4641-SF-Budget-Travel-Examiner~y2009m3d15-Slumdog-India-hurting-or-harming-tourism


Tatu Shabani Fundraiser: Update

3:17pm 24 August 2006  
Filed under: Articles, Fundraising, GVN, Programs, Tanzania

Gwen Jones, a past volunteer on our Tanzania program, certainly had an unplanned experience during her volunteer placement. While volunteering at a class for children with special needs at Kawe School in North Dar Es Salaam, she met a six year old girl named Tatu Shabani. As Gwen watched the children play, she noticed that Tatu would fall face down in the mud every time she attempted to run with the others Tatu suffers from Bilateral Club Feet, a condition where both feet turn inwards. Although Tatu has learned to walk on the outside of her inwardly rotated feet, as her body grows her poorly developed feet will no longer be able to cope with her body weight. The hospitals Gwen visited in Tanzania had three child patients to each bed; due to this lack of resources and overcrowding, any operations Tatu had in Tanzania would likely be unsuccessful, similar to the foot operation Tatu had as a baby which failed to correct the problem.

Read More

New Uganda and Ecuador Articles

11:12am 29 March 2006  
Filed under: Articles, Ecuador, GVN, Programs, Uganda

Two new articles have recently been added to our website at http://www.volunteer.org.nz/press. One features GVN staff member Erin Cassidy and her experiences volunteering with her young son in Uganda, while the other is a transcription of an interview about oil exploration in Ecuador.


New Article: Leading By Example in Russia

2:22pm 10 February 2006  
Filed under: Articles, GVN, Programs, Russia

The 15-year-old Russian girl shuffled when she walked, afraid of giving her legs the freedom to take her where her eyes could not see. She had a small wristwatch that spoke the time and grandparents that dutifully set meals down in front of her. Beyond that, her blindness had blackened her world.

Read the rest of the article here.


New Article: Checking Expectations at the Door in Uganda

12:08pm 5 January 2006  
Filed under: Articles, Programs, Uganda

“Had she approached the trip differently, she might have come back disappointed. But Amber Burridge, a resident of Calgary, knew that to travel and work in Uganda any other way would spell disaster. In fact, she had been warned.

“I had a friend that had gone to Malawi and she told me to expect the unexpected when I was in Uganda,” Amber said. “I was told, whatever you expect, things are going to be different. So I tried really hard not to expect anything and to keep an open mind. I just decided to be ready for a world that would be vastly different from my own.”

Amber volunteered in Uganda for six weeks, where she taught in a primary school and trained HIV/AIDS counselors. The world she encountered in Uganda, was, indeed, like nothing she had ever experienced.

Read the rest of the article.


New Article: Rescuing Turtles in Costa Rica

9:38am 15 December 2005  
Filed under: Articles, Costa Rica, Programs

“Isabelle Pury, a Swiss citizen, saw Costa Rica by sunset, sunrise and, mostly, by moonlight. During the day, she was resting. But she wasn’t a weary traveler; she had come to Costa Rica to work. Isabelle volunteered through GVN to work on a conservation project rescuing endangered turtles on Costa Rica’s scenic Pacific coast.”

Read the rest of the article here.


Newspaper Article on GVN’s Vietnam Program

5:28pm 16 January 2005  
Filed under: Articles, Programs, Vietnam

Thanh Nien Daily News
Australian Volunteers leave indelible impression on locals

Read More



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