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GVN Foundation Grants - April 2014

12:50pm 24 April 2014  
Filed under: Eat So They Can, Fundraising, GVN Foundation, Grants

In April, $1,968.59 was granted to our partner in Nepal to help cover the running costs of Shining Star Children’s Home, a sustainable vegetable garden at Brighter Future Children’s Home, umbrellas for the impending monsoon season, and to fund a teacher for 12 months at a women’s community education and empowerment class.

$2,255 was granted to our partner in Peru to support a kindergarten and community centre nutritious snack program for local children. This grant was made up of funds from the Eat So They Can campaign.

A further $13,947 was granted to two community partners in Uganda, thanks to funds raised through the sale of SUUBI 2014 Calendar of Hope and the project initiators, ESG Foundation and ESG Asia Pacific. These funds will be used as follows:

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GVN Foundation Grants - December 2013

1:22pm 9 January 2014  
Filed under: Fundraising, GVN Foundation, Grants, Philippines

An emergency relief grant of $14,739.29 has been sent to our partner organization in the Philippines to provide much needed assistance to the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. At this time, relief efforts are being focused around Panay Island and the surrounding areas.


Fundraising Online

3:45pm 12 September 2012  
Filed under: Fundraising

GVN is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the crowdfunding platform Go Get Funding to enable you to raise up to 100% of the cost of your next trip. Online fundraising is a great way to raise the money you need and with Go Get Funding you can create a GVN fundraising page.Once launched, share your page link with your friends, family and wider network of contacts. Social media and email makes it easy to spread the word.

Remember, to select ‘Global Volunteer Network’ from the category list when setting up your fundraiser.


Global Volunteer Network (GVN) to Transport Relief/Assessment Team into Haiti Thanks to Support in Jamaica

1:07pm 22 January 2010  
Filed under: Fundraising, GVN, GVN Foundation, News, Programs

The Global Volunteer Network (GVN) will send an advanced team of GVN relief professionals into Haiti this week thanks to a private organisation in Jamaica and public support.

In response to the Haiti disaster Colin Salisbury, Global Volunteer Network (GVN) Founder and President has commissioned an advanced team of relief professionals - all private individuals who have readily volunteered to lend their expertise and support - headed by Nadine McNeil, GVN Foundation Board Member who has over 20 years experience working in the UN, including a three year assignment in Indonesia following the 2004 tsunami.

“The team will make an initial assessment of the immediate needs on the ground, specifically addressing water/sanitation, health/safety, psycho-social trauma support, and logistics/ distribution. The recommendations coming from the initial assessment team will drive the GVN Haitian re-building/support volunteer projects for the next 12-18 months,” says Salisbury.

Salisbury says that the international community, both the public and private sectors have been quick to respond but more needs to be done.

“I am urging everyone to act. Whether you dig deep and put your hands in your pockets, volunteer, or send prayers, please do something. We can all do something.”

If you are interested in joining a GVN volunteer team in Haiti over the coming 12 months, please visit the GVN website: http://www.globalvolunteernetwork.org/haiti

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Contributing to Local Youth and Overseas Need

3:09pm 29 May 2009  
Filed under: Fundraising, GVN, Nepal

Sam Shetler spent 2 1/2 months volunteering at an orphanage in Nepal, through the Global Volunteer Network.

Sam is holding his 4th annual skateboard contest titled ‘Lakeville Contest 2009′ and is donating all proceeds to Volunteer Service Nepal through G.V.N.

Sam wrote about his contest and supplied it to various newspapers to promote the charity saying “That’s why I want to hold the contest, to both to raise funds and awareness for (Volunteer Service Nepal) and also to contribute something positive to the youth in my local community.”

Read the article here > South Coast Today


Confirm your Place on the 2009 Machu Picchu Trek Now!

10:09am 8 October 2008  
Filed under: Fundraising, GVN, Machu Picchu, Treks

Machu Picchu Trek
Because of the popularity of this hike, and the small number of national park permits issued, participants interested in the trek, set for the 16th-24th of August 2009 should apply up as soon as possible and pay their application fees no later then early January 2009 in order to confirm a place on this amazing trip! Don’t miss this opportunity to visit one of the most important and beautiful archaeological discoveries of modern time. By signing up for this trek you will also be lending much needed help to Peruvian children in need.
> Sign up today!


Eat So They Can

5:23pm 8 April 2008  
Filed under: Eat So They Can, Fundraising, GVN Foundation

Have you ever wondered how you could help fight poverty?

Do you like getting together with your friends and family and enjoying a meal together? Have you ever wanted to travel to Africa to do aid work? Well now GVN is giving you the opportunity to do all of these things!


By joining ‘Eat So They Can’ - our international fundraiser that invites citizens of the world to participate in what is collectively one huge dinner party! Simply eat a meal, raise money, help stop child poverty and you could win the grand prize trip to Africa!

Anyone who raises $500 or more from their event will be entered into our drawing to help distribute funds raised!

The United Nations’ #1 Millennium Development Goal is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger by 2015. But here we find ourselves past the midway point and there are still over 900 million people living on less than USD $1 a day!

We cannot fight global hunger alone. We need you!

Read More

Peru Earthquake Appeal - Update

1:12pm 21 August 2007  
Filed under: Fundraising, GVN Foundation

The GVN Foundation would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the people who so generously responded to our plea for help following the Peru earthquake. We are ecstatic to report that we raised over USD$9,000 dollars in one week! Colin and Courtney (who have just finished the Machu Picchu Fundraising Hike in Peru) have made preparations for a truck loaded with food, water, and medical supplies to be delivered to the remote village of Huancavalica, an extremely poor city to the south which has yet to receive assistance. Thank you again for all your donations - your support is inspiring.


GVN Foundation Grants: 2nd Quarter 2007

6:08pm 29 June 2007  
Filed under: Fundraising, GVN

GVN Foundation has recently made 2nd quarter orphan sponsorship grants to the following partners:

Peru: US $422.42
Kenya: US $2,813.15
Uganda: US $1,758.20

These grants will assist our children in our orphanages in Peru, Kenya and Uganda.


Join us in our walk across Spain. Did you say WALK? - May 11-25, 2008

4:24pm 20 June 2007  
Filed under: Fundraising, GVN, Programs, Romania

GVN is excited to announce another far-flung fundraising adventure - El Camino 2008!

Join us as we walk the final 11 days of the Camino de Santiago, a magnificent route through the Spanish countryside, to raise money to help the children of Romania.

Over the last thousand years the El Camino pilgrimage has expanded from a spiritual quest, for some, into a personal journey of exploration, adventure and simplicity for others.

Participants will have the opportunity to see things, people, and places you would never notice from a bus or train window, and have the added satisfaction of knowing their money will go directly to our partner in Romania - a Christian Mission that cares for disabled orphans.
> El Camino




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