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Immerse yourself in Ghanaian village life while contributing to the livelihoods and education of children, or the sustainable local farming methods of the community. This is an opportunity for you to connect with West African culture, while being a part of broader positive community change, supported by volunteers from around the world.

Ghana is a fun, happy, vibrant and safe country that can best be summed up in three words: football, religion and noise. I would like to thank GVN for a fantastic, hassle-free programme, my hosts, Eric, and the people of Ghana for having me and making me feel welcome.

Ben | Ghana Volunteer


Working at the orphanage was fantastic! Going to bath-time in the morning, as well as afternoon activity time and evening bath-time were the main parts of your day. In the spare time around those activities, you could help out with laundry or on the farm, or spend the time going to the local market or internet cafe or just relaxing in the volunteer house, perhaps fetching water from the well.

Francesca | Ghana Volunteer


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While you're volunteering in local Ghanaian communities, you will be accommodated in a shared house alongside likeminded volunteers and experience the traditional Ghana diet. Teaching volunteers are placed at schools and are accommodated on-site or with a local Ghanaian family. We recommend visiting some of the many beaches along the coast of Ghana to escape the heat, sampling some local cuisine at a 'chop bar' in Awutu, or learning more about the African slave trade at the Cape Coast Castle.

GVN Projects: Only $250 application fee + $500 per week (1-4 weeks), and $200 per week after this. (This includes accommodation, meals, coordination, supervision, training, airport pick up)

$250 application fee + $1447 program fee for 2 weeks. (This includes accommodation, meals, coordination, supervision, training, airport pick up)



Do you love kids and want an experience that will last a lifetime? Then seize the opportunity to work alongside local staff at an orphanage in Ghana. The home is basic, underdeveloped and always in need of volunteers to assist with caring for underprivileged children.

These children need love and attention, and assistance with education and developing their life skills. Providing the children with the essential skills in life will help them on their way to successful futures free from poverty, filled with the same opportunities as others.


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Do you have green fingers? Great gardening skills? Then grab this opportunity to work alongside local Ghanaians and assist in the farming program.

The land belongs to the children's home and is used to grow food for the children and generate income to support the running of the children’s home; excess produce is to be sold locally. Duties will include weeding, planting, watering and harvesting.


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Do you love kids and get a kick out of seeing them learn and achieve? Many schools in Ghana struggle with overcrowded classes and a lack of skilled teachers.

We have opportunities for volunteers to assist with teaching in the following:

  • Pre-School (4-5 year olds)
  • Primary School (6-11 year olds)
  • Junior Secondary School (12-14 year olds)

Subjects range from language and literacy, maths, science, computer skills, environmental studies, physical development, and psychosocial skills to creative activities such as music, dance, and art.

As a volunteer you can help to empower girls and boys by giving them the skills they need for the future and to make their voices heard.

A teaching qualification is not required but volunteers need to be confident in the above subjects and preferably have or be studying towards a university degree. Your level of experience will determine the age group that you work with. 

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Ghana Application Form


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Why GVN?


Our vision is to connect people with communities in need, with a particular focus on vulnerable women and children. We do this by supporting the work of local community organizations in countries through the placement of international volunteers.

We are excited to get your placement under way where you will:

  • Be a part of GVN's efforts to inspire learning, innovation and action to unlock the potential of vulnerable communities around the world. Work with exceptional grassroots projects in community development, conservation and wildlife, personal development, fundraising and physical challenges.
  • Have the 24/7 support of a non profit with 14 years experience in placing 19700 volunteers that will provide you with an affordable and rewarding placement.
  • Volunteer with a world-class organization which is recommended by Bill Gates and CNN.
  • Be a part of progressive non profit that has raised over $2 million to help women and children in need.
  • Have the comfort of knowing that GVN staff have collectively flown over 1 million miles to ensure you get a quality placement.
  • Make a long-term impact in your community of choice - it's not just a vacation.




How GVN works...


The first step is to fill out an application to see if we have a place for you. Then if your application is successful you will be accepted and we will then get to work organizing your placement.

GVN is a registered Charitable Trust, so volunteers finance themselves, or can fundraise online with our unique GVN platform, with US donors receiving tax receipts. The Program Package provides you with all that is listed below, along with personalized support from our expert staff and the knowledge that you'll be working with a reputable and registered charity with over 14 years experience in the field.

At the heart of our work is the communities our volunteers work to support - we ensure that these communities truly benefit from your time in Ghana and that the Program Package fully supports you financially while you're volunteering.

Program Package

$250 application fee + $1447 program fee for 2 weeks. (This includes accommodation, meals, coordination, supervision, training, airport pick up)

The Program Package also includes a project donation, which supports the work the GVN Foundation does in addressing nutrition, education and healthcare needs, as well as supporting longer-term development approaches, including income generation activities and microfinance.

Your program package includes:


  • Personal support from your Program Specialist throughout the preparation process.
  • Your Program Guide, with all the details on Ghana and your placement.
  • Fundraising strategies and access to our crowd funding platform where you can raise up to 100% of the cost your trip, with tax receipts for your US based donors.
  • Access to Your Own Online Journal: which helps you to communicate effectively and easily with your family and friends back home.
  • Opportunities for Preferred Pricing and Personalized Service when booking Airfares: through our travel partner GYT Flight Centre who go the extra mile to support GVN volunteers.


  • Accommodation: Home stay, volunteer dormitory or onsite at your project
  • Meals: 3 meals daily.
  • Project Donation: Included.
  • Airport pickup: On arrival date.
  • Training: In-country orientation.
  • Supervision: In-country staff supervision.
  • Support: Pre-departure personal support from your volunteer coordinator, 24/7 in-country support from partner, and 24hr emergency line.


  • An opportunity to debrief and provide feedback
  • Free access to GVN Changemakers program which alerts you to future internship/job opportunities at GVN.
  • A Letter of Completion in Volunteer Service.
  • The opportunity to stay connected with your project.
  • Global advocacy and fundraising campaigns to continue your part of the movement for social change with an international non-profit that has granted over $2 million to our partner organizations.

The program package does not include: Flights, insurance, visas, vaccinations, departure from the program.

We recommend you allow a weekly budget of US $30 for your other expenses such as bottled water, lunch, personal items, beverages, and entertainment.




Tell me more about South Africa?

As its name suggests, South Africa is the most southern country on the African continent. It is bordered by Namibia to the north west, Botswana and Zimbabwe to the north, and Mozambique to the north east. South Africa is roughly 5 times the size of Britain, and covers 1.2 million sq km. South Africa was isolated politically and economically for a long period of time, as other countries protested against their racial discrimination known as apartheid (apartness). That era ended in 1994 when the ANC (African National Congress) was elected to power, led by Nelson Mandela. Pressure from ANC, other black political organizations, and the international community forced an apartheid government to pass a referendum in 1992, for everyone to vote in free and fair election.

What is the climate like in South Africa?

In South Africa, the seasons are predominately summer and winter. The autumn and spring seasons are very fleeting. Finding itself at South Africa’s northernmost area and bisected by the tropic of Capricorn, visitors to Limpopo can expect sunshine, long summer afternoons, and dry days for most of their stay. Summer (October to March) in the Limpopo province can reach 30°C -35°C during the day. The winter is dry and very pleasant. Although the temperature can fall below 5°C at night, the days can present clear blue skies and temperatures in the low 20s.

What kind of volunteer work is available?'

Community Service: You could be one of 10 volunteers getting involved in community service tasks in our specialized program in honour of Nelson Mandela. Volunteer work includes the following:

  • Helping out at an orphanage by doing chores 
  • Offering to paint and renovate a shelter for the homeless
  • Helping fix the playground at a daycare centre 
  • Helping paint and decorating a children’s ward at a local hospital 
  • Spending time at a children’s ward in hospital talking to the children and assisting the nurses 
  • Spending a day with the elderly listening to their stories
  • Taking a bag of toys to a local hospital’s ward or a daycare centre in a rural village
  • Reading to someone who can’t read 
  • Coaching an extramural activity at a school 
  • Helping out at a local soup kitchen

What hours do I work?

Teaching assistants typically work weekdays, approximately 7 hours per day. There is a small variation in hours depending upon the time of year. The hours are generally longer during the school terms. Volunteers in childcare centres will normally have a busy afternoon schedule as children are done with school for the day, however there are some morning shifts where the children are under school age. Weekends are the normal days off.

Where will I be located?

The initial orientation and first night of accommodation is in Tshwane, Pretoria.

Participants will then travel to the rural area of Venda. This is located in the Limpopo province (the northernmost province of South Africa). Venda is about 4.5 hours north of Johannesburg within the Vhembe District, situated in Limpopo, the northernmost province of South Africa.

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About Ghana



Ghana is located in West Africa, and is bordered by three French-speaking countries with Burkina Faso to the north, Côte d'Ivoire to the west, and Togo to the east.  Ghana is roughly the same size as the United Kingdom (or smaller than Oregan) and it's largest river is the Volta.

Development in Ghana

Ghana, when compared to our western society is considered one of the poorer countries in the world. A high percentage of Ghanaian people are subsistence farmers; only growing enough for their own family and at times perhaps a little extra for trading or cash sales.

The life expectancy for people in Ghana is less than 57 years.

Ghana was the second largest producer of cocoa in the world at one time. In the early 1990s gold become the number one leading export, but as world prices fell it hit the economy hard. More recently tourism has become a big generator of hard currency. Timber also creates some income.

Many Ghanaians do not attend school past the primary level. School fees and uniform prices can stop a large number of children attending school altogether. Poorer families will keep their children at home to work in the fields or send them off to work to bring back money for the family. The numbers of students alone is daunting and there are never enough teachers to cope with class numbers.

Volunteer Impact

Volunteers provide assistance to disadvantaged socio-economic groups within Ghanaian communities, focusing primarily on orphaned children, school children, farming and community groups.

As a volunteer in Ghana you can provide love, affection, education and support to orphaned children.  You will help to improve education in schools ensuring children learn and flourish.  As a volunteer you can share your skills and experience with adult community groups.  You will also provide education, inter-cultural exchange and understanding in Ghanaian communities.

What else can I do in Ghana?

Ghana is often called 'Africa for Beginners'and is a great place to start your travels on the continent.

Ghana offers hundreds of kilometres of coast and we recommend you visit some of the beautiful beaches on offer.  You can learn about the history of slaves at the ruined European fort of Cape Coast Castle.  If you like the urban life, take in Accra’s club scene, the birthplace of some of the region’s most popular music.


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