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Kia Ora!

Friends of NZ Nature Program is a membership club based on a monthly donation. As a member of this group you will receive various perks throughout the month, as well as providing the NZ Nature Program with the stability it needs in order to continue aiding with local conservation groups in the beautiful Wellington region. Benefits will likely include:

  • Monthly newsletter with video updates and messages on our projects (perhaps throughout the month as well)
  • Member login to supporter website where you can network with other Friends of NZNP
  • Subject to availability, a few days and nights on the program when you're passing through Wellington.
  • Name displayed in the Kowhai house (volunteer house where the volunteers live whilst on the program)

At this stage we are trying to gauge interest and are asking you to pledge to join this group when it is setup in the next month or so. By doing so you will be providing us with the ability to go forward and continue adding volunteers to our already diverse and wonderful Kowhai house family. All you need to do is fill in your details below and we will get back to you!

Thank you
Toby and Ray


Friends of NZ Nature Program