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Erin CassidyErin has been with the GVN team since late 2003. Erin has two children and two large dogs. She is active in her local community, and helps with youth ministries in her local church. In 2005 Erin and her then 5-year old son Joshua spent 3 weeks volunteering in Uganda – "It was an amazing experience that has left a life-long impact. To see firsthand the immense need, and see that the small bit you can do really does make a difference is not only a privilege, but a life-long opportunity to share your experiences and raise awareness of the issues you came face to face with." Since then Erin has visited a number of GVN’s programs, taking Joshua with her to Vietnam, Kenya, and Rwanda, needless to say the impact of experiencing life in developing communities is helping shape Joshua’s worldview.

An Interview with Erin Cassidy

When people ask you 'where are you from' what is your reply:

New Zealand

When people ask 'where do you work' what's your response:

GVN, the Global Volunteer Network, based in Lower Hutt, NZ. I then explain what GVN is all about.

When people then ask 'and what do you do at GVN', what it your reply:

Lots of stuff :)

Why did you end up working at GVN?:

I started working for GVN in November 2003, just 12 hours a week answering emails. For me, this was the perfect 'back to work' position with hours which suited my young family. Having spent 15 years in the corporate world GVN was refreshing. Actually, it was more than that, the whole GVN experience nourished my soul. Over the years my roles within GVN have changed, my passion for what we do has grown, and I count it a blessing to be part of the GVN team. (The 12 hours a week are now just a dream!)

What's the best thing about working for GVN?

I've got lots of 'best things' about working for GVN! I believe in GVN - our vision and mission, I'm passionate about what we do. And one of the best things is the team I get to work with on a daily basis - GVN has an awesome team of like-minded passionate people for all walks of life. Knowing I'm part of a movement that's impacting individual lives and communities in need, how good is that?

When you're not at work, what's your favourite activity?

Time spent with family and friends; coach, cheerleader and 'biggest fan' for my kids; being involved with our youth ministry (I'm a big kid at heart - give me a water gun then watch out!). When I have time to myself I love to settle back with a good book (gritty historical novels in particular) along with time to get creative with crafts.

What's your favourite food?

My favourite food? That's easy, anything I don't have to cook! (The kitchen and I are not on good terms).

If you could be animal, what would it be?

A tiger. They're magnificent! Bold and beautiful.

If you could go anywhere just now, where would it be?

The Maldives. I had a wonderful holiday there and have not forgotten the beauty and colour of life in the coral reefs. Italy or Spain would work for me too... Actually - I love to travel, so really, almost anywhere would be great.

Who are your favourite bands/musicians?

I'm into easy listening I guess, with a sprinkling of 'pixie music'(Irish) thrown in. Not into rap, head-banging, or depressing 'jump off the bridge' type music..

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